Virtual Dual Layer?

I think I am after the impossible. A family friend sent me four .avi files of a family function I was unable to attend. I wish to place these files on a DVD-5 but I can only fit 3 with a lot of space left. What I am hoping can be done is to convert them into a single ‘Virtual” dual layer DVD and then use something like DVD Shrink to bring the size down to a standard DVD. Any ideas or better ways to proceed?

As you can guess, I don’t want to use a dual layer DVD - now if they ever come up with a rewritable Dual Layer… :confused:

Sorry, meant to say that I hope to put them in DVD format

If you use Nero, try Nero Recode and see if it can fit your origin disc to a DVD 5 (that’s one of the used for this packages.
Otherwise you have to go for other ways to shrink it or re-author the disc and burn it to a DL disc (that means using an DVD Authoring package you can import your disc’s contents to).

Thanks for your reply. I guess it is going to be going to a dual layer and then swrinking it. As each file I have is on a different disk it is hard to combine them. I am trying different Authoring tools at the moment … such fun :-{

If you have nero then just use nero-recode to make a dual layer DVD image file (select image recorder as the writer), then import this into Shrink to shrink it all down to a single layer. Depending on how much shrinking is needed depends on the quality you will get. You may need to use something like Daemon-tools to mount the image file so shrink can read the image correctly.