Virtual Drives




I’m thinking about installing either Virtual CloneDrive or Daemon Tools really just for fiddling with and making sure the ISO’s I create work.

Anyone have any good/bad comments about either of the two programs? All replies appreciated.


I have used Virtual clonedrive on my computer for about 2 years.
cant say that the problems was from it.
I installed a second HD just to hold all my movies (or most of them)
Even if they did cause problems I cant live without one

Maybe someone can tell me what problems they cause
so I can look out for them in the Future.
The pc shop told my son to take them out of his laptop.
he did and still had the problem.


I’ve used Daemon Tools for a few years now without issue.


Do each of the programs offer their own unique options? or do they both do pretty much the same stuff?


I’ve only ever used Daemon Tools & the options are limited but to me a virtual drive is a virtual drive.

I seriously doubt there’s much difference other than some might emulate more drives.


Use Daemon Tools vdrive it’s regularly updated and more advanced than CloneDrive which may also become a problem as it’s blacklisted by most protections.


Thanks for the advice
I would like to know what problems they can cause,
when they sometimes cause problems .
only to be prepared.


Problem for CloneDrive is blacklisting (use the search function keyword [I]blacklist[/I] or [I]blacklisting[/I]) this can also become a problem with DTools but it’s updated regularly.


Virtual Clone drive has been blacklisted by many games, for several years now. That means the games refuse to run.

Daemontools is upgraded regularly, and can also emulate many copy-protections, so you don’t have to be a genius and know every setting to rip your games & run then from an image.

issue Version 4.06 and upwards of Daemon tools requires the “.NET framework” from M$ update to be installed. Otherwise your system will refuse to load windows, even in safe mode.