Virtual drives not showing on reboot 'til after Alcohol scans them

120% Registered version 1.92 1705 (no I don’t want to upgrade to latest version, that will not solve problem and caused others when I tried – I will explain that if you want to know). When I start (reboot) my computer none of my four virtual drives show, not even the one with an image mounted. Then I start Alcohol, it scans the drives, and everything is ok from then on. I have had this program for a while and it seems like these drives are supposed to show up when I reboot, without needing to be scanned by Alcohol. I have checked the option Mount Image upon reboot but it doesn’t help. regards, gamma1

Tried deleting the virtual drives in Alcohol, rebooted, recreated the virtual drives in Alcohol, rebooted and the drives still don’t show up until I scan them with Alcohol…

Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall Alcohol?

Have you tried sending a system report to the support team?

I will try uninstall/reinstall and if that doesn’t work I will do the second, but I’m not sure what zamiell means by a system report.

Well wonderful, I tried to uninstall and it did not go well. Something is corrupted. When I went to reinstall, I got some sort of fatal error, but I went ahead and kept installing. The program is on my computer. I reentered my serial number and Alcohol starts but says

“Loading of Alcohol device drivers failed! Emulation and native drivers will not be available!”.

I try to add virtual drives and nothing happens. Now I cannot uninstall, when I try it says “only for programs installed”. Great job! Now what, Alcohol team? How can I get this program off of my computer. It worked fine for a few years until I made the mistake of upgrading to your latest version and then going back to this version…

The program is not even listed in Add/Remove programs :a

Ok, I then tried installing the latest version 1.95.4327 and it seems to clear up the problems at least so far. The drives appear upon reboot.


The program is still not listed in Add/Remove Programs. Is it supposed to be :confused:

Yes, it should be.

Inside Alcohol, View Menu --> System Info.

I see, ok I will send a system report to Alcohol. Thanks, zamiell. cheers, gamma1

Here’s Alcohol’s response (that was fast!):

“It is normal, latest versions of Alcohol doesn’t show on Windows Add/Remove Programs to prevent blacklists, however an uninstall icon is placed on Start Menu.”

We try… :wink: