Virtual Drives not installing

I will try to explain my situation as clearly as possible :slight_smile:
I had an old trial version (from 2007)of Alcohol 120%. I had 2 virtual drives there E: and G: , F: is my internal HD-DVD drive
The trial expired and I uninstalled it without removing virtual drives. I managed to get rid of the useless drives letters. Then changed my internal drive’s letter to E: (by now I reversed it to F: )
I installed free version of Alcohol 52% and when I’m trying to install virtual drives they simply not appearing anywhere. In options it says that I should have 2 virtual drives but they do not exist.:frowning:
I’ve tried this solution posted on Alcohol forum

Please uninstall any Alcohol version you may have on your system (if you are unable to do it normally just browse to Alcohol folder and delete all files) and then uninstall SPTD layer.
To uninstall SPTD Layer drivers you will need to use SPTD installer/uninstaller, you can download it at following link:
After uninstalling it please restart Windows.
Now please run regedit.exe, then browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ and delete sptd key (you may need to adjust cfg key permissions to delete it). Also please browse to c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers and delete sptd.sys file. Restart Windows.
Now reinstall latest version of SPTD layer driver using the installer/uninstaller you downloaded from DuplexSecure site, then restart Windows again, and now reinstall Alcohol.

but it didn’t help at all. I’ve also tried to install Daemon Tools, but again it didn’t manage to create any virtual drives.
I tried setting the virtual drives to 0 (zero) and then deinstall Alcohol and then reinstall Alcohol with one virtual drive. Still no virtual drives.
I also managed to remove virtual drives entries in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet002\Enum\SCSI by booting from CD with reg edit. Didn’t help either.
Any suggestions as to where the source of the problem can be? Is it a hardware or registry issue?
I would be grateful if someone could show me the way so that I can fix this issue, cos its quite frustrating as i need at least one virtual drive.
Any help would be appreciated.:bow:

Problem solved. There were some software compatibility issues.