Virtual drives crashing windows?

hey i have alcohol 120% and when i set up one of the virtual drives everything goes fine, but when i shut down and start up again (or restart) a blue screen comes and it says somthing like there has been a hardware error or somthing windows has shut down to prevent damage then when i start up the comp again it gives me the option to go into safe mode, start normally (which crashes it agian) or use last known good setting. i have to unset the drive everytime before i shut down??!! anyone know how to fix this?

There should be a STOP code near the bottom, and it looks like something like this.

STOP 0x000000A or something like that. Or at the top, it might tell you the conflicting file. Pleas tell us

If that doesn’t work, go into safe mode. Depending on what version of Windows you have, it differs.

Go to start, then run. Type in eventvwr.msc and press ok. That should bring up the event viewer.

Take a look in the application logs, and see if any errors occurr round the time the error happened. Then take a look in the system log and see if there is any error there. Please tell us the error and the event id.

If nothing, go into safe mode and DISABLE the virtual drive. Now put on Daemon Tools or something and load the virtual drive from that and see if it causes any errors.

Try all these solutions in order.

Good Luck!:slight_smile:

well i looked at the numbers at the bottom of the screen (technical stuff) and it said:

0x0000067E (0xC0000005) (0xF88C79D9) (0xF8C09838) (0xF8C09538)

i havn’t tried the event viewer yet (thinking maybe you could get somewhere wit just this info) but if you can’t find anything from this ill try that too. thanx alot :slight_smile:

Send latest dmp file from C:\windows\minidump to for analysis.

i sent the file to your email
the file is dated 3\28\04 and today is 4\3\04 so i donno, but thats the newest one i could find. hopefully it helps

Problem is caused by jbridgep.sys. Remove/update app that uses this file.

jbridge.sys is not a Windows file.

Couldn’t find anything on your stop code at all.

i figured out what the problem was when u said that it wasn’t alcohol 120%. i also have game drive pro on my computer so i was guessing it had a problem with two different virtual drives, i uninstalled that and now everything is fine. YOU GUYS R THE BEST!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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