Virtual drive



hey im new here and i downloaded grand theft auto a couple days ago on my pc and when i clik the shortcut it says “emulator detected please deactivate virtual drive” i looked for it in my computer and cant find it then i got all confuzzled :confused:


There are some free demos and even full versions of Grand Theft Auto available for download (depending on the version). Thought I’d mention that to forestall any accusations of copyright infringement on your part daxter_800.

A virtual drive is software that imitates an optical drive and allows you to run ISO’s of games or videos. If you have an older version of Nero Burning Suite installed, it might have the Nero virtual drive enabled. There are other popular virtual drives, like Daemon Tools and Slysoft’s VirtualClone Drive. Alcohol 120% is another.


ok but i dont completely get it i have the disk for grand theft auto but its not working :confused::confused::confused::confused:


the game is now loading but its not loading all the way it stops on the second one and it disappears then its goes back but faintly


Please ask those who you have downloaded it from. They should give you some trouble shooting advice.