Virtual drive with ability for DVD-folder?




I´m looking for a drive with the ability to “mount” DVD-folder. I tried Virtual Clone drive, but that can only use Images, not folders.

Any recommends?


I only know the reverse scenario of mounting an image to a folder.

What exactly are you trying to achieve ?


I stored some complete DVD-Video on my HDD and now I try to edit it with a SW that only can open optical drives, not folders on HDD.

Hope it exist a SW for this, otherwise I have to make all DVD-folders to an image, then install a virtual drive and mount it


You can create a .miniso file with DVDFab Virutal Drive from a VIDEO_TS folder directly without first create an iso file. The miniso file is just som KB in size.


Use the subst command.


[QUOTE=debro;2698918]Use the subst command.

Yeah…like in the good old times.