Virtual Drive Speed



i am using Alcohol 120% v1.9.2, and when ever i try to play my backed up version of Midnight Club 2, it goes way to fast. So i check the virtual drive’s speed and its at 200X (30000kb/s). That explains why it goes so fast, but how do i slow it down to more near 24X or 36X? :bow: :bow: :bow:


Are you saying the game plays to fast, ie, can’t drive because everything moves to fast?

You are also using an older version of Alcohol. Have you tried updating?


i have tried updating, but it needs the registration information, but i lost that. and yes, it is imposiible to drive.


can you contact alcohol’s customer support with your info and maybe they can find your registration information? I’m sur they keep that kind of stuff on file.

it’s difficult to troubleshoot if the very problem might be an outdated version of the program…


thanks for the suggestions, but i tryed using Daemon Tool’s Virtual Drive, and that works well, and i checked and it has a speed of 32X, and the game runs at normal, speed, so thanks for all the help


Your best bet is to PM Phoenix your details used when Registering Alcohol so he can sort out the upgrading issue for you.


Should i hold my breath :slight_smile:


How long can you hold it for? :stuck_out_tongue: