Virtual drive interferes with Nero CD-DVD Speed

I have Alcohol 1.9.2-1705. When I configure a Virtual drive in Alcohol, Nero CD-DVD Speed stops detecting CD-R/RW types.

I have two PCs one with WIndows 2000 Professional and LTR-52327S and the other with Windows XP Professional and SOHW-832S. In both cases I saw that before Alcohol virtual drive was configured, Nero CD-DVD Speed would tell me the disc type, manufacturer name, etc. and I was able to do overburning test. These features in Nero CD-DVD Speed work after installing Alcohol. But after I configured Virtual drive in Alcohol, these features stop working. Since Nero CD-DVD Speed cant find the disc type, etc. it does not allow me to do a overburning test.

Please disable the “Ignore Media Type” under the Emulation options.

Hi, I have a similar problem where my HP burning software like RecordNow! can’t recognise my original HP DVD Writer 300c as the original drive and the program refuses to even open so I can burn disks. I created a virtual drive in Alcohol 120% and since then my DVD writer won’t read most types of disk and I can’t even get Windows Explorer to read the contents of my DVDs. I can locate the DVD Writer in both BIOS as well as the Hardware Device Manager but that’s about as far as it goes. Win Explorer can see the drive but not what is on nearly all of the disks I put into the tray.
I was told to uninstall Alcohol which I did, I have also made the standard registry changes regarding removing the VDD file in the control set etc. But nothing seems to help. I am running an HP Pavilion with 160GB HD and Win XP as my OS. I have run PC Doctor and other diagnostics to no avail. Any suggestions? My partner is furious I have lost the use of our DVD drive. :sad: