Virtual drive as good as cdr?

If a cd-image works in the virtual drive, will it work as a burned cd as well? Will a image that doesn’t work in the virtual drive work as a cd?

This depends on the security and other settings that the virtual cd driver may be blocking for you , whilst the actual cd driver may not. Usually there are no problems.

I have an image of DF3 Black Hawk Down on my system that I use in a virtual drive (Alcohol 120%) to play. Game plays fine while image is in the virtual drive. I decided that I wanted to burn the image to CD for backup. I burned the image to CD. Then tried to play the game using the backup and nothing ever comes up. Just keeps trying to access the CD. CD wont eject and I have to restart the system. I dont know if it had anything to do with the way I made the image or not, but it did not work for me. Any input from anyone as to why it may not have worked would be great. Meanwhile, I am just using the Oringinal CD or the image to play.

Thanks and I hope this helps you. :slight_smile: