'Virtual CloneDrive Manager'

A great addition to the superb ‘Virtual CloneDrive’ feature. This ‘manager’ will allow users with more advanced settings. I saw a friend using one with explorer like GUI. Really neat :bigsmile:. Intergration with ‘CloneCD Tray’ is higly welcomed.

or, it would be nice if we can mount image files via ‘CloneCD Tray’. It will really help me save some mouse clicks. Of course, either features are highly welcome.

Thanks for the superb program. I look forward to having CloneDVD.

Personally I dont think there’s much point (at the moment anyway) in making a 1:1 copy of a DVD, yes you can throw it onto the hard drive, but if its over 4.7gig then you’d have to rip some shit out like subtitles and other extras to make it fit on to a 4.7gig dvd, then once you’ve done that, its not really a 1:1 copy.

I do hope that they will bring out DVD writers that can burn and write to dvds that hold the full amount of information that’s stored on a movie dvd.


>to make it fit on to a 4.7gig dvd

shit. 4.7 is billions of bytes. Are dvds measured like disks now?! The bloody things are 4.3 GB (1024 KB = 1 MB). I hate marketecture.