Virtual Clonedrive blue screen of death HELP!




Hope you can help me out here.
I’ve installed Virtual Clonedrive 5131 and after a reboot I see that the computer finds new hardware (clonedrive).
Then my computer reboots automatically. I’ve disabled automatic reboot and I get an blue screen of death with problems regarding SCSIPORT.SYS (Pagefault in nonpage area)
I’ve tried the uninstall in safe mode but even in safe mode the computer reboots automatically.

Is there a option to deinstall the Virtual Clonedrive software before the computer reboots automatically or maybe a different solution ?

Thanks in advance

Maurice Krassenburg


This is a bug in Microsoft Windows XP SP2. See the Microsoft knowledge base article here:

I suggest you ask Microsoft for the hotfix.


Thanks for your reply.

The strange thing is that previous versions of Virtual Clonedrive just run smoothly…
If it’s a Microsoft bug, wouldn’t the problem occured earlier with previous versions ?


As you see in the Microsoft article, “a Stop 0x00000050 error may occur in Scsiport.sys”.
It doesn’t always. You could try to uninstall Virtual CloneDrive, reboot, and try to install again. If you try a couple of times, you might succeed (it worked for me). Easier is to bug Microsoft, maybe they will release the fixed scsiport.sys to the general public if enough people complain.
There is a rumour floating around, that this problem is caused by installed Starforce drivers. I doubt that Starforce is the problem.


Thanks for your reply.

The problem is that I can’t do a uninstall because the computer keeps rebooting.
As soon as WinXP sees the new hardware (clonedrive) it’s gets a blue screen (if I disable automtic reboot).
Is there a way to avoid WinXP the install the new hardware ?

btw no starforce drivers here !


You could try to boot in safe mode.


The same problem in Safe Mode. Also a blue screen !!


Not good. You need to delete the driver VClone.sys from the Windows\System32\Drivers directory before booting. To do this, you must start the recovery console. If you haven’t installed it, boot with your Windows XP CD and select the recovery console. After logging in, you can delete the file from the command prompt.
Good luck!


You’re a total hero man !

Problem solved. Should I first apply the hotfix from MS before trying to install Virtual Clonedriv again ?


Yes, if you don’t want to repeat this procedure several times until it works… :iagree:


Thanks again for your help !


I just had exactly the same problem as the one experienced by “Eciruam” three years ago. I googled and found this page. I followed the instructions given by “Tru” and it worked! (and I have vista). It has been very very useful cause this blue screen prevents from doing anything else. For those who are not familiar with the command prompt window, here are the three commands you have to use to delete the file:
cd Windows\System32\Drivers
del VClone.sys

I registered to this forum only to say to “Tru” exactly what “Eciruam” told him:



Thank goodness this thread was made and is still here.

Epic levels of appreciation at you, Tru. You’re still saving people years into the future.

I should add to the thread that, if I cancelled the Hardware Wizard screen, the computer would not reboot, and VClone.sys could be removed normally. Don’t know why my situation is different.