Virtual CloneDrive is out

Virtual CloneDrive is out!!!


Why no change log with Virtual CloneDrive ?

Elaborate Bytes AG doesn’t have space on their website???

Here it is:

Virtual CloneDrive:

  • fixed some blacklisting issues
  • better support for CloneCD5 .dvd files
  • accepts .dvd images created with SonicRomFormatter
  • added support for .iso images with .dvd extension
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • updated languages

Hi Olli,

Wondered if you could provide some pointers to a prob I’m having with virtual drive. Ealier versions worked fine, but since I installed CloneCD, AnyDVD and CloneDVD, I’ve installed Virtual Drive several times and everything seems fine, except that when I right click, there is no option to go to clone drive and there no option to mount an image.

There is a bit of other stuff in the tray, Ghost 9, TrendMicro, Quicktime and SP2 waiting patiently in Windows Update, uninstalled.

Would appreciate any help?

Best wishes from New Zealand


Hi, new to the forum, lots of good info here. I am having some major headaches from the latest version of the virtual drive

my system specs…

Tyan 2460 Dual AMD Motherboard
1.5Gig ECC Registered Ram
2x AMD Athlon 2400+ MP Processors
3x Ultra SCSI 10,000rpm Hard Drives; (9.1G U160 as System, 4.5G U80 as Cache & 4.5G U80 as Misc)
1x Ultra SCSI 15,000rpm 36.7G U320 as Game Drive
Internal Zip 250 Drive
Internal Jaz 2G Drive
Plextor 32x caddy drive
Plextor 12x10x32s writer
2nd Generation Panasonic LS-120 Floppy Drive
Geforce TI-4400 Video Card

The problem is reading a image file works maybe 20% of the time, otherwise it fails to read the image and locks up the pc. Doing a hard reset is the only way to bring the system back to life. I have been running Clonecd 4 and used the virtual drive included for many years without issue, upgraded to Clonecd and the latest version of the virtual drive and started having game start issues. So I thought it may be a issue with the upgrade from 4 to 5 so I wiped the system and started from scratch. No good. I even went as far to test it without the ASPI drivers installed, then installed them. no difference. Anyone else having issues of this sort?

Thanks in advance

Still having the same problems, so it hasn’t fixed itself, would hate to have to go back to CloneCD 4 after paying the $$$ to upgrade to 5. Help would be appricated.