Virtual Clone DVD Drive problems

DVD Drive NEC 3550A
I was using Virtual Clone Drive to try to open .iso files. The software kepty crashing my machine no matter what I did so I uninstalled it. During the uninstall my machine locked up and I had to reboot it. Once I logged back in I one of DVD decrypters, DVD43 complained about not finding the DVD drive. So I looked in My Computer and sure enough the DVD drive was nowhere to be found. I went into the Control Panel -> System -> Hardware manager and noticed Windows XP had flagged the DVD drive as “Not working properly”. I checked the IDE and power cables, no problems there. I removed and readded the drive and that did not work. I can’t up date the firmware or drivers. I get “Target NEC ND-3550A is not found correctly”. Is there anything I can do to recover my drive. It was not expensive but I would like to recover it.


You stated that you uninstalled the drive, and reinstalled.
Have you tried uninstalling the ide channel that the drive is on, rebooting and letting Windows reinstall it?