Virtual Clone Drive?

I have been an avid user of Virtual Clone Drive to preview iso images made from CloneDVD2, before burning to disk…
I have recently built a new computer with raid capabilities, however I am only using 1 sata hd for now.
I have set up my install using the F6 method, enabling it for future raid, and I’ve installed AnyDVD, CloneDVD2 and Virtual Clone Drive.
These are all current revisions, so please don’t respond with which versions are you using.
CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD are doing there job, as I can create iso images to my harddrive, but when I try to review my burn with Virtual Clone Drive, the files are unaccessable. When I right clic an iso file in my computer, as I have always done previously, the mount with Virtual Clone Drive option is not present.
I suspect that it has something to do with windows set up when I was prompted for the F6 scsi driver setup, but I did not know what file to insert…All sugestions apprediated, no tire kickers please… :bow:

What’s present when you right click on a file is down to what software you’ve installed not the Windows setup/SCSI driver stuff.

It’s almost as though you hadn’t installed Virtual Clone Drive properly. I’d uninstall & install it again.

You can also go into the file types function from folder options & add these commands yourself.

Thankyou for your swift reply and help.
I have tried your suggestions, to no avail.
Not only was Virtual Clone Drive acting in a peculiar manner, but my physical optical drives were as well. They would lose their ability to read any type of disk, be it data, music, or video, but the device manager would report them working properly. The only thing that would make them work again was removing them, along with the ide channel, in device manager, rebooting, and letting windows reinstall them. This would work temporarily but the problems would resurface again in short order.(to the best I can pin it down, after a system reboot)
I reinstalled the O S tonight, in the standard fashion, without the F6 method, using standard windows drivers, rather than using Intel Matrix Storage Manager drivers.
I have reinstalled Clone, Any, and Virtual, and everything appears to function normally.
In conclusion, it seems that I either had a corrupt Intel Raid driver, or possibly a problem caused by only having 1 hard drive installed, with the Intel Raid driver present. (I tried disabling RAID in the bios, which should have allowed normal function with 1 hd.)
Intel’s website suggests intalling the O S, using the F6 method, with their scsi driver, for ease of setting up a Raid configuration, in the future, if you desire to.
In actuality, I probably won’t be setting up a RAID, but will most likely just install a couple of more harddrives for storage and back up, so I will stick with what seems to be working. I do appreciate your input, and if you (or anyone else reading) have any insight as to what my problem with the Raid configuration may be, ( :confused: ) I welcome your help.
Thanks again,