Virtual clone drive



A stupid question, sorry, but as I have never mounted a sheep, can anyone point me to some reading on how to use it. I have never seen a virtual drive before, “herd” of one, but never had one. Thanks people. :slight_smile:


Use the right mouse button. As always with my programs. :wink:
(Maybe I’ll never really love Macs 'cause they only have one mouse button?)


so off-topic but you can easily purchase a 2 button (or 3 or 4 or 5…button mouse) and use it with a mac.


Still off topic…
Sure, you’re right! Replacing the original Mac mice was the first thing we did to our Macs…
But if I develop software for the Mac, I cannot assume everybody has a two button mouse, but on Windows I can. CloneDVD mac is almost unusable with the original mouse.


Thanks Olli, I had already gathered that. I just need to mount the right sheep. :slight_smile:


still off topic…
even using CTRL+left click context menu that’s standard use on OS X these days?