Virtual CD sub forum request

@cdfreaks mods

please create a Virtual CD (H+H) sub forum here please. The only one I can find at the moment is in German at copybase :frowning:

Feel free to 2nd this suggestion anyone…

Can you at least write some more on why this would be useful as a separate sub-forum, and what might be discussed there. :wink:

I think it’s a major emulation application that offers features not found in DT or Alcohol etc.
It’s ability to read and mount images that have Securom/Safedisc etc protections is not explicitly claimed on their website or in the documentation, which I can understand from a legal perspective. Therefore it’s only in a forum that people can share real-world experiences of using the application.

I must admit that H+H support seems poor.

I think it can do Tages on dvd but I cannot be sure because it may still kick in even though the game starts.

It appears there is a moderated tech support forum in English at the H+H site:

…but I guess that’s not what you mean. Is your impression that it really is widely used? I know they claim to be the “leading CD/DVD emulator worldwide”, but is this really true compared to Alcohol etc?

It would help if you could more specifically list the advantages of this emulator and build a case so that the CDF admin could take a considered view.

Two main ones I guess are:

  1. It’s the only commercial tool that reads discs backwards
  2. It can insert images into the “real” drive.

The latter I’ve found does make a difference.

It also performs a handy disc analysis on creating the image.

The point is: The “official” tech support forum of cannot answer questions related to copy protection issues as it is not legal in germany to do so for a software company.

Virtual CD is the best CD emulator by far (just my opinion of course) :bigsmile: