Virtual CD-RW/DVD-RW

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Although I have a CD-RW drive, I want to burn some audio CD’s that that I will use just to convert to MP3’s. This process will take longer than I would like if I use real CD-R’s or especially CD-RW’s. I know that most burner software will burn an image file, and that you cd access this image file with other software to make it look like a virtual CD-ROM.

My problem is that I have to burn from another application program that does not make image files. So what I need is a Virtual CD-RW, so I can fool the application into thinking it is burning a CW when it is really writing to a virtual image on the Hard Drive.

Does anybody know of any software that I can use for this purpose. Not a virtual CD-ROM but a virtual CD-RW?




I want to burn some audio CD’s that that I will use just to convert to MP3’s.

I may not understand you correctly, but do you mean that you want to burn an audio cd just to rip it and make mp3 files?

You can make mp3’s straight from wave files on your hard drive without having to make a cd…

What type of files are you wanting to convert to mp3? Are they wav’s, or something else?

Thanks for your reply. If I could just make wave files, I would. I want to convert my Audible book files to MP3 so I can listen on any device I please. However Audibles software will only download to specific registered devices or it will burn CD’s. I just don’t want to have to carry multiple 1 hour 12 minute CD’s to listen to a book. This is why I need a virtual CD-RW drive.

i’ve been doing a lot of research about this, found these: (they not burn to an .iso virtually but maybe one fits your needs)

check this names:
virtual original cd emulator (Ztekware), virtual cd (german product but with support in english red webpage), and note burner to do this kind of things but only with music files

if anyone find something i would appreciate, i’ve been looking to smilimar soft, something like a virtual burner to STOP the wasting of cd’s

Noteburner creates a virtual CD drive and can be used to convert DRM-protected music (ie iTunes) to unprotected formats. A DVD/RW virtual drive might be nice, as well as the ability to create ISOs from any program. DVD Decrypter can create ISO images from DVDs as well as burn them back to disc.


  • Eric.

I transcribed some Audible books I bought using a ‘virtual soundcard’ program (Total Recorder). Including encoding to MP3 they transcribe at about 8X on this ancient laptop.

Hi guys. Its seems that our problem has been solve. After many hours of googling, I finally stumble to this website “” & “”. Kindly check it out. Best of all, the software is free. Its has the solution we finally want.