Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel v2.0.1.1: Newbie NEEDS HELP removing virtual drive!

Hey guys, I really need your help, I’m in way over my head. I’m not a total newbie, but I woulnd’t consider myself really computer savvy, so please try to keep that in mind if you can help me, THANKS.

Anyways, I tried using the microsoft Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel to mount a game so I could play it. Basically, I now have a few virtual drives that don’t work and I can’t get rid of them. When I open the VCD Panel, the drives don’t show up so I can’t “remove drive”. I can add more drives and delete them, but it seems once I create a drive and close the program, I can’t re-open the program and delete the old drives i just made.

The tried right-clicking the virtual drive, properties, hardware tab, but the virtual drives don’t show up (even though they show up in My Computer). They also do not show up on Device Manager.

I am really stuck on how to get rid of these pesky virtual drives and really need some help. Hopefully someone sorta understood what I said and can help me out. Thank you very much.

You could try removing the driver. Then maybe run the Nero Clean Pack and reboot.