Virtual CD - question

I have 8 virtual clone CD and I mounted a game on each one of them.

How can I make the system “remember” thos mounted virtual CD, so whenever I reboot the system it will mount them automatticly to the same virtual drives ?

I am using Win XP and also 98 (diffrent computer).

I don’t think it’s possible with CCD but I think it is with Daemon Tools.


Maybe Oli should add this functionality to the next version


Or… instead of shutting down your computer, you could just send it in to hibernation.

In my experience, it’s extremely stable on XP. (I never shut down my computer anymore.)


I have just downloaded a trial version of Alcohol 120% and it does exactly what I wanted (related to the virtual CD), it even supports some old games that I have with CD-cops, on the virtual CD. Simply amazing .

I will probably purchase it.