Virtual cd hide

hi…(my english is not so good) :doh: i downloaded a game f.e.a.r…but the game is protected. i did cd mount with alcohol but than you must do a virtual cd hide with sr7.stop v1.0.
it looks like this((info))
Mount the image in Alcohol 120%, and shut down Anti-Blax and D-Tools if you have them on.

  1. Run Virtual CD Hide. An icon should appear at the taskbar amongst the windows clock.

  2. Right click on the Virtual CD Hide icon in the taskbar, and select “Hide all virtual drives”

can someone tell me how you do that with "the Virtual CD "to make the game working…please step by step…i try it but my computer was all mest up after that.

can someone help me please to play the game :bow: ?
many thanks

Run down to your local shop and buy it. :slight_smile: