Virtual CD/DVD

What is the most popular/best software out there that allows mounting of ISO and NRG images as virtual CD/DVD?

My requirements are:

  • support more than one mount at a time (the more the better)

  • allow automatic mount all the time, e.g. drive M: mounted to m_image.iso, drive N: mounted to n_image.nrg, etc. This should be automatic at boot time and available right away without any manual steps

  • support NRG images (I am stuck with some NRG images and I have no idea how I can get Nero 6 to save CD/DVD’s in ISO format rather than NRG)

  • be stable and not consume any resources when the virtual drive is not in use

Is Alcohol a good candidate for this?

Thank you for your help.

>Is Alcohol a good candidate for this?

Yes, alcohol’s virtual drive permits mounting of both .iso and .nrg images. :slight_smile: