Virtual CD Burner

I’m wondering if anyone has come across a virtual drive app that makes the OS look like a CD burner? Basically, with Windows XP Pro, I would like a CD-Writable drive that in actuality is a folder on my hard drive.

Sure would be handy with iTunes…think of it…you could “pseudo-burn” the song files to that drive, then pull them back out and convert to MP3 without the need for an actual CD burner.

Anyone know of a virtual drive that Windows XP Pro sees as Writable?

hi RyteByte
i too am in search of such software
i searched google to no avail.
is there any cd/dvd writer software , whom operating system will see as cd/dvd burner ,so that cd/dvd image files (iso,bin,etc) can be mounted and softwares like nero,etc will see them as cd/dvd recorders and write to this image files just like normal burners.that will be useful to check cd/dvd burning softwares without need of physical cd/dvd.
hope someone replies please
thanx alot

I Found one that seem to work good in my tests try

Let me know how it works for you

Why not just use nero’s image recorder together with its image drive? :slight_smile:

Virtual CD, Phantom Burner, and supposedly Original CD emulator are the ONLY CD emulators that I know of that have a virtual burn feature and actually emulate a CD in a CD drive. These are the ONLY ones I have found after much scouring. I’ve heard Original CD emulator sucks, and that the other 2 work just fine. Unfortunately, these cost money.

LOOK OUT FOR FREE CONVERTERS!!! They’re not what you want, but they will show up when you search for virtual burners. They are “dummy burners” used solely to burn music to them, and they export mp3s or whatever. Doesn’t ever look like it has a disc in, doesn’t export an image, none of that. They just convert. Many of these virtual burners are free, but not the kind you guys want.

There are MANY free CD emulators (CDEmu, Virtual Clone Drive, Magic Disk, Daemon Tools, Phantom CD, and on and on), and these 3 are the only ones that can virtual burn, and they cost money. Daemon Tools brags that they are the best in CD emulation, yet they explicitly declared they have no intention of adding a virtual burn feature! How dare they? What’s worse is people who think virtual burning has no use, is stupid, and give some other alternative method when people ask for such a program. It’s okay to nicely offer an alternative method as an aside, but it’s not okay to think virtual burning is stupid and pointless (seen it in other forums).

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OK…Sorry guys. A couple posts ago on this thread I blew up a little. I didn’t mean to bash Daemon Tools or anybody. They have the right to not put features in like virtual burning. It is irksome though that the one free virtual burner (actual emulator that burns to an image file) doesn’t work (that being KernSafe Total Mounter). If I’m wrong and there is another - please do tell.