I apoligise in advance if this question is not permitted. After searching the forum for any previous questions on this subject the only ones I found were in Dutch or Italian so hence my posting here. Does anyone out there have a full working copy of this program. I have downloaded the shareware version found lots of cracks (but not virtuagirls) which are all for the full version. SO I thought I would splash out ( not that way) and pay ( very rare) for a three day trial $2.95. but the bloody credit card servers won’t accept my card. Can anyone help me get virtuagirls kit off? Thanks a Million to anyone who can help

:eek: Cosmicray:eek:

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try downloading the different girls with morpheus or kazaa.
When you install one girl the program is registrated (even last version with strippers). The only thing you can’t do is downloading from the virtuagirl site (need password and login).

much pleasure with the girls.:smiley: