Virgindigital or Napster

Can you please tell me what music service has the most music selection Virgindigital or Napster or any other music service provider in the UK?..


Pinto or Edsel?

Ok seriously I just don’t know. I don’t use any of those services. I know that Napster is a “your tunes go away at the end of the month unless you pay for another month” service, as opposed to iTunes where you buy the tune for good… but I don’t know what Virgin Digital is.

You ought to ask this in the P2P forum, though. Might get more answers there.

Welcome to the forum Dipset. If you ask me I wouldn’t use them! I never liked the idea when you buy something and it’s still not yours to use it as you want and they still have control over it and control what you can and can not do with it. As Gurm said with Napster if you stop paying you lose your tunes you brought so you have to keep paying for it. There are lots of places selling second hand CD in good condition for a few dollars and they are yours to keep and work out a lot cheaper in the long run.