Virgin Megastores launches online music download site



I just posted the article Virgin Megastores launches online music download site.

Online music stores are
hot and recently more and more companies are trying to launch a music store
of their own. Currently Apple’s iTunes store is one of the most
successful online…

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Ahhh the beauty of also having your own record label and being able to tell the RIAA and BPI to…GO PHARK THEMSELVES…:X




The site doesn’t work in Opera and requires Windows Media Player to operate. Sorry, I’m going to have to hold on to my money just a little longer…


What will the UK cost per track/song be? Will you be billed if the conection is terminated before the download completes? What will the quality be etc:g


As long as KAZAA exist, online music sales will NEVER work! CEO CS2 home of the


It starts here. Everybody, and everybody you know, not buy any music in the month of December 2003. Unless its used that will be alright. Tell everybody you know and spread it on every network of every kind. December will hit em hard, like a train hitting a bus. :slight_smile:


It doesn’t appear to work with Mozilla 1.4 either