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I have seen this else where and thought it amusing and i thought about here and decided that it might be a good thing to bring up about internet.

In my area in england i have an internet connection (20 mb) i have done a few speed tests and am never above 10 mb dl however, i was wondering other than a dl manager is there any way to improve a slow internet connection, if anyone else has this problem feel free to rant for a pge or two, lol.

Imkidd57 has quite a heavy workload at the moment, or I suspect he’d be in here with a few sad tales about Virgin Media, LOL :bigsmile:

Testing on, my speeds (up and down) are quite good for the 20 meg package [see pic below], but recently my net connection has been down as much as it has been up. Gonna get a new router and see if it sorts out the problem, though it may well be a Virgin Media problem.

Hmmm. DL speed’s usually a tad better, but it is school kicking out time I suppose :wink:

Have you tested your speeds at Post a screenie so we can get a better picture.

Maybe you need to burn something on the virgin media before it will work? :stuck_out_tongue:

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2296830]Maybe you need to burn something on the virgin media before it will work? :p[/QUOTE]

That’s as good an excuse as any for burning, I guess. Smartypants :bigsmile:

One thing to watch out for with is that it usually reports the peak speed achieved in a test rather than the sustained average speed. For example, when our ISP use to fluctuate between 0.1Mb and 2Mb in the afternoon, would usually report around 1Mb, where as a download with a download manager would usually give ~40KB/s (working out at ~0.3Mb.) So the best test for download would be to download something large from a fast host nearby (e.g. within your country) and this will give an idea of what your line is capable of sustaining.

The main test I use for downlink is BTOpenworld’s 15MB test download file. Wait until the download reaches around 80% and this gives an idea of what your sustained download speed is like: :slight_smile:

WIth a good connection, you should get around 80% of your connected speed (allowing for overhead). e.g. 2MB/s for Virgin’s 20Mb connection.

Is mine but that is quite good for me. In fact if i had that for more than half an ahour i would be happyer. I usually get about 4 or 5.

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