Virgin At Burning Dvds



Never burnt DVD’s, I’m using CloneDVD have successfully burnt 3 DVD’s. A DVD I want to burn has a problem with a chapter, it’s chapter 15 of 28 chapters. I have tried to cut it out but the preview keeps cutting out chapters 16 through 28. What am doing wrong? Something so simple yet so hard! PLEASE HELP ASAP!!


post more info,
what film are you trying to backup?
are you using latest clonedvd?
have you got anydvd running to remove css protection?


Are you copying, or burning. Big difference. If you are simply copying, use DVDSHRINK, then DVDCRYPTER.


You could use the programs he suggested. However, I would reccommend using DVD Decrypter and Clone DVD2.


It’s all good!