Viralg Oy develops junk file protection with genuine hash



I just posted the article Viralg Oy develops junk file protection with genuine hash.

  Viralg Oy, a  finnish provider of p2p protections, announced that its newest application is  able to protect 100% the material of movies, music, games and software. The  "hassle free and fast...
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Hmmmmm… Unless I need to learn more about hashing, i’m guessing this just uses brute force to generate a junk file with the same size as those on p2p networks. It probably works best for KaZaA though, as emule can create a complete hashset for the file (which would be exponentially harder to create a compatible file for). To get round it i’m guessing the easiest way is for complete hashsets to be used (doubt it’d be much good for bittorrent) or get a system where two different types of hash are generated for a specific file. It’s very little work for the computer to check integrity, but generating a fake would be very difficult in those circumstances. On the other hand, they could just be trying to inflate their share price :B


More publicity stunt I see! What happen if I zipped two mp3 files together, then hashed it, and sent it via bittorrent, I’d like Viralg Oy to flood it then with my hashed zip. Then, what about three mp3 files zipped together, and four…:X Last resort, there is always IRC. But I don’t think I will need to go that far to get around Viralg Oy’s “protection”…:B
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omg this is pathetic. few ides right top of my head: 1. use two different hashes (as noted above). while it’s easy to generate a hash collision, it’s way more difficult to generate data which matches two different hashes 2. partial hashing. if hash matches whole file, it still has to match part files (which are used in emule now) bah, it’d take them days to kill one file, when p2p devs can kill the whole concept in hours! haha


If I am not mistaken not only eMule uses part hash (here actually week point because they can “polute” the chanks hashes) but it uses AICH additional hash for such problems.


They might just be making more and more junk files with own hashes making it harder to spot the real ones … cos afaik, making a hash collision is pretty difficult … (depending on what hash mechanism is used) and two hashes about impossible.


Viralg Oy…Isn’t that another name for Afgan hash ? Some people never learn. :d