Vinyl to CD

Hi guys,as im new to this sort of stuff i need some help,i want to backup some 12" albums(vinyl) to CD before they get too damaged,what is the best software for doing this and what format is best WAV or MP3,any help would be much appreciated.

hi m8,i never used it myself but check out:

RIP Vinyl Version 3.02 -

Software release date: 6 April 2003
Download URL:

[About the software]
RIP Vinyl is designed to let your vinyl records rest. Simply hook your stereo into your PC,
and the program will automatically break recordings into separate tracks. After that, you
can take the tracks, and burn them onto a compilation CD, or compress them into MP3
format with other programs, so you can listen to your Vinyl on the go

start here.

I will assume that you will use a moving magnet or moving coil cartridge (all high quality cartridges are one of these two types). The signal from such a cartridge is both low in level (typically <5mV for moving magnet, <0.5mV for moving coil) so it must be boosted to about 100mV, needed to drive line level inputs, and is also RIAA equalised (applied when the LP is mastered to get around mechanical limitations of the LP system) which must be reversed so as to provide a flat frequency response for the line input. Both of these necessary operations are achieved with a suitable preamp. If you have a receiver or stereo amplifier with a “phono” input, that input will perform this task, and the resulting line level output will be available on the receiver/amplifier tape output.

Total Recorder records streaming audio, mic and line-in input, and performs audio file conversions.
Total Recorder may be used to record LPs, cassettes or any stereo output onto your PC.
Total Recorder also allows you to record CDs or DVDs