Vinyl and Tape to CD, Which is the best software?

I’m looking for a good program for restoring vinyl and tape for burning to CD.
I currently have Steinberg’s Clean 5 but it can’t burn the restored files because it doesn’t recognise my DVD drive (LG4163b) which is only 12 months old.
I like the automated restoration features in Clean 5, so I’m looking for software that can do a similar job but has current support, which Clean 5 doesn’t have.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers.

I’ve been using Cool Edit Pro for the last 4 years…(I believe now it’s called Adobe Encore)…I’ve never had one issue with it…I convert the files w/ Cool Edit then burn w/ Nero…simple…Vinyl & cassette.

Goldwave is an excellent audio edit program. Has many editing features to remove clicks/pops.

katzz :slight_smile:

Thanks Nosmartz and Katzz, I’m having a look at both programs. Cheers.

For the restauration part, WavePurity is one of the best. But if you’re happy with the automation of Clean, why don’t you burn the final wav-files with Nero or another burning program, like Nosmartz does?

Which software is the best? Well, that depends on the project(s) you are working on. I agree that Sony Audio Studio is what I use most when transcribing vinyl to CD. I also own Wavepad Masters Edition, that does a great job for cleaning up background noises because you can use the frequencies to match the best use for your project such as elimating backround noise while raising the gain on the human voice. There are many software solutions out there but you have to just try (trialware) to find out what works best for you. I’m doing this for a very long time (40 years) and have tested lots of software. Good luck in your search…Charlie

I guess, the thread starter found some solution in the last five years from when he started this thread :bigsmile:


Hi Michael,
I have found that Sony’s Audio Studio is the best to use in my applicaiton. It has good features like removing Clicks and Pops from the record. I really suggest you clean your records thoroughly by using a wet cleaning system. Even Spin Clean works pretty well for the price you pay for that simple system! If you very serious then I suggest VPI Record Cleaning machine 16.5 a manual wet cleaning process that really cleans your records. Yes, it’s a costly unit, if your handy perhaps you can build your own unit, I have seen such on the Internet.
Have A Great Day!!
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[QUOTE=CTC4001;2603564] …I’m doing this for a very long time (40 years) and have tested lots of software…Charlie[/QUOTE]

Really? Vinyl and tape to CD for 40 years??? Amazing! :doh:

Please don’t misunderstand my statement…perharps I should make clear what I was saying. Since I was a kid I was transcribing in some respect. Taping from a live broadcast using a portable recorder and editing that tape. Also transcribing records to open reel to reel and also cassette and 8-track as well. Currently I have running 2 Pioneer RT909, Revox A77 and Akai D230 and various cassette desks connected from a Pioneer Quad reciever.
Sorry for any misgivings this may have caused.

Sorry for any misgivings this may have caused.

No problem bud :flower: