VinPower Pioneer BDR-209DBK Plus / Robot

Kodak DVD+R x16 MID: AML003 UmeDisc China
VinPower Pioneer BDR-209DBK Plus fw.1.51
ImgBurn x6


HP BD-R 25GB 6x Printable MID: CMCMAGBA5
VinPower Pioneer BDR-209DBK Plus fw.1.51
ImgBurn x6


Can´t still believe someone will make better mechanic for an ODD these times

Burned on my Brandnew Pioneer BDR-209DBK PLUS
at 6x Prime ON BD-R 25GB 6x Speed (Possible 10x) RitekBR03

Scan at 4x by LiteON DH12B2SH and Vinpower WH16NS58 DUP 1.V5

Many thanks to Vinpower Germany for providing me that drive one day after the czary2mary review.

Blu-Innovation offers the drive at the Moment for a cheap Price at

More Scans soon…

Anyone one have the 209D and the Plus? Would be nice to take a look at the weight

And strange, why Vinpower don´t use the E/M-version?

How old are those discs? Who is their real manufacturer? CMC Magnetics?

hi i know this might be off topic but im new, but does anyone have any CMCMAG-BA5 or other BD-R Ageing/ longevity scans, ive recently mass burned BD-Rs with different drives/ discs but am unsure of their longevity

this was on a lg wh16ns48 at x4 CMCMAG-BA5

Take a look here

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Nierle ProDye 6x
burned with Pioneer BDR-206D (1.06) @ 6x in 2014

Still looks pretty good after almost 5 years.

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A special version of PlexDisc for archiving data.
Available only to authorized representatives of Primera VinPower. Embossed in Daxon Taiwan.

But Daxon does not exist for almost 10 years.
Could you post the stamper and hub codes? Thanks.

Remember my Piodata -R?

So CMC could be the manufacturer for Plexdisc/Vinpower.

But I would trust them, the Optical Quantum DVD+R DL were in the past were Ricoh-Fakes (mostly made by Umedisc), now it have UMEDISC DL1 064

This is a new production - VinPower / OptoDisc Taiwan

hub code: 17
stamper code: OPTODISC-CDR52X ZE6591 M01 S03

this looks incredible after 5 years.
do you mind going into detail about how you stored them?
I would like to do the exact same thing :grin:

Thanks. But Optodisc does not exist neither (ans they never produced any CD-Rs). So it must be some OEM producent, most likely CMC Magnetics.

If this is an OEM then definitely not a CMC.
Visually virtually identical to Ritek \ Traxdata CD-R Printable.
There is only Daxon information and Made in Taiwan on the carton boxes.

Thanks. It looks more like the CMC Magnetics to me. :yum:

That disc is stored in a two-disc jewel case.

Hi all!

I have bought this Pioneer BDR-209DBK PLUS (Vinpower modernized BDR-209DBK) which comes with Firmware 1.51. I would like to ask if there is any kind of software to perform “quality tests” of Blu Ray BD-R burned disks. Opti Drive Control only does these tests on CD and DVD media.
Thank you for your time.

I have tested all Tools that i know, but no luck.

It was not possible to scan a BluRay. :frowning:

Even Vinpower Tools did not work .

Greetings Mooni