Vinpower / Optical Quantum BD-R 50pk $27 f/s exp 5/29

Well this might be a new price low (or close to it) on quantities of 50pk bd-r’s (25gb single layer) $26.99 with free shipping. Exp 5/29

it’s a promo code to get the deal: EMCXRVT46

BTW, update… these were so popular I think they sold out on the limited quantity they had at this price…

$32 now plus $3 shipping.

Check the website… I think Ridata’s are up there for $30 w/ f/s…
This is Dads & Grads season so there will be more deals.

Hitachi is also playing spoiler with $140 4tb hard drives.

how’s the burn quality on these?

[QUOTE=myce_vip;2690786]how’s the burn quality on these?[/QUOTE]

The [B]search[/B] feature is your friend!

i bought some vinpower dual layer +r, they were pretty bad, much worse than bad

Can you share where you bought it (online / shop in which country)?

i don’t want to take this thread off topic, cause these were dvd+r DL,
bought it from newegg last week, Model OQDPRDL08LT , they were CMC MAG-D03-064, but apparently these are also RICOHJPN-D01-67, horrible burns on ihas124, PI over 1400, PIF over 50, i got some better burns experimenting with different speeds and strategies but nothing close to a good burn

PI over 1400, PIF over 50… that was my worst burn, but can’t really blame the discs, because i used a strategy not meant for it… however they don’t get much better with the right strategy… i posted one scan here, and ill be posting more scans here soon.

Sorry, but these days I see absolutely no sense anymore to waste ANY money on subpar media. Verbatim DL ist that widely available and damn cheap these days…

chef, you are correct, unfortunately sometimes we learn the hard way, i’m only buying the best now

Great! :slight_smile: