Vinfo_open failed Windows Vista

I just installed Windows Vista RTM, and when I try to convert using DVD2SVCD that I have been using since I started using the tutorial by ChickenMan dated 12/06/2004.
Now every time I try and convert a Dvix to DVD this message comes up; VinFo_Open Failed. Cold not open<f:
Windows error 0x2 2]. I am a newbie so I am totally at a lose as to what to do.
Since I am using an older tutorial, should I maybe using a better system? And what would that be? I have pretty much all of the latest software, but I have no idea which one if any I should use. Any advise would be appreciated.
Thanks, canmanVinfo_open failed Windows Vista Vinfo_open failed Windows Vista Vinfo_open failed Windows Vista

No help here for pirated operating systems.

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