Viking's SATADIMM puts SSD storage in motherboard RAM slots

Viking’s SATADIMM puts SSD storage in motherboard RAM slots.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Thanks to the engineers at Viking Modular solutions you can put the empty memory slots to good use and get some extra storage. The company’s new SATADIMM combines SSD storage technology into a DDR3 DIMM form factor that will work in any capable motherboard.

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Yes, but what I think they are missing the boat on is making a sata controller card that fits into one of your PCI slots and mounts a notebook form factor drive to add notebook drives (SATA SSD or HDD) to your unused PCI slots.

Into the memory card slot? that presumes you HAVE any unused memory slots.


Some people have empty memory slots. I do and the idea of putting a 100G SSD boot up drive into an empty slot appeals to me depending on the price. I was hoping for an SSD type device that would run in a spare PCI-1x slot that i have but the pricing hasn’t been very good for that yet.

I’m on a tight budget but I’m always looking for quieter components.