Viewsonic's 5 inch PMP has 1080p, nice price

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If you can do without games or the Web, Viewsonic’s 5-inch portable media player could be a good alternative to the impending e-reader and tablet glut.

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The pricing is a bit high, because there are already competitors (creative, microsoft, cowon, archos and others) that do nearly 100% of what this product does AND has WIFI! While the competition is probably only sporting 720p compatability… let’s get one thing clear… no SMALL screen outputs 720p let alone 1080p–what we’re actually talking about is the ability for the PMP to OUTPUT 1080p resolution to a HI-DEF TV/Monitor using a mini jack hdmi to regular hdmi cable. HiDef products from competitors are already out (Zune) or are to be released later THIS YEAR. Part of the loss of appeal of wifi (by manufacturers) on these devices is that no company wants to be responsible for development of applications and/or licensing of software such as web browsers, java, flash, etc. Companies such as Archos took to the idea of charging extra for unlocking features-- but apparently learned nothing about Microsoft’s implementation of that kind of idea.