Viewsonic debuts the first Android / Windows 7 dual-boot tablet

Viewsonic debuts the first Android / Windows 7 dual-boot tablet.

[newsimage][/newsimage]While many of the tablets debuting recently have chosen to feature an Android 2.2 operating system, Viewsonic has chosen a bit of a different route in their latest offering. The Viewpad 100, unveiled this week in Berlin at IFA 2010, will give users the option of using either Windows 7 or Android 2.2. by offering both in a dual-boot configuration.

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Wow, that’s a cool idea but too spendy and underpowered I think. If it takes off I’m sure the clone and price wars will start for better and better versions though:clap:
I just got myself a PMP player that plays many formats and has a extremely sharp 4.3 inch screen, it will output to HDMI up to 720p too and can playback up to 1080p.
It was only 95 bucks shipped, not exactly the same thing or idea but it does all the portable type thing I didn’t even know I wanted, and the price was right.
I wont be jumping into one of those for 800 bucks but when they get the price down it might be something I’d like to play with.

“the price tag, which is expected to be around $845 USD.”

That’s pretty rich considering it doesn’t make fone calls via bluetooth or a headset like the 7" Samsung does…

Choose your O/S : virus prone or virus free !

IMO a widescreen tablet is a bad idea.