Viewing photos

any ideas on how to view photos on vista that is on a rabbit photo disc please? Had no problem viewing the disc on XP but now it’s nothing but problems. :sad: thanks angie

The problem is Vista.I have a disc I’ve been working on that is a DVD recorded in VR mode .Vista sees it as blank except for the Vista format file "Desktop.ini"
From what I found it is a problem with Vista not recognizing older UDF written files.
I tried a couple of the UDF readers one at a time uninstalling one before installing the next one.That didn’t work for me but it was the solution being posted on the internet so it must have worked for some Vistas.
A program called ISOBuster recognized the files on the disc in Vista but the freeware version would not extract them.
I tried a suggested software called ISOPuzzle. After it had worked on this DVD for 20 hours I gave up on it.It might work better for a disc with just photos though.
With Vista you also have to get WNASPI32.DLL from Nero & put it in the ISOPuzzle folder.I already had it from needing it for another program to work so I can’t remember where I got it.
I wish I could be more help but if someone solves you problem it might be a solution to mine.
btw my older computer with 98se recognized the DVD with no problem.