Viewing MOD clips from a Panasonic SDR-S7



I have a Panasonic SDR-S7. This produces MOD video clips which I download to my PC - the operating system is Win XP/HE/SP3.

Have you any suggestions for suitable software to view them? They are viewable in my editing software VideoStudio 11, but this is not really suitable for just looking at the clips. They are playable in Windows Media Player 9 but are distorted - there is a noticeable vertical elongation.

Can anyone suggest any software that would allow them to be as easily viewable as in WMP but without the distortion?


Do you know the aspect ratio, 4:3 or 16:9? You should be able to just change the extention to mpg, Here’s a link that might help:


Many thanks for the reply. The aspect ratio is 16:9 and the frame size 704x576.

I’ve now had a look at your link. I tried sdcopy but, even with setting the Wide Screen flag, they still look distorted in WMP. However, simply manually renaming as mpg and playing in vlc seems to do the trick.