Viewing ISO files

I use AnyDvd and CloneDvd to backup my dvds to my computer and using the latter to make an ISO Movie file plus using Vitual Clonedrive and Power Dvd 5 to view them. I just updated to windows 7 and my version of Power Dvd will no longer work so I now use WMP to view them.

So here’s the deal everytime I tell Virtual CloneDrive to mount an ISO image or double-click it, it should bring up WMP so I can view the movie but Nero Burning Rom appears instead (I use Nero for burning cds only). Before I upgraded my OS I simply doubled-clicked on an ISO movie file and Power Dvd began playing the movie.

Why is Nero even coming up and what setting needs to be changed so only WMP starts when I click on an ISO image?

Try this. Right click on one of the ISO files, then click Properties. Next to the line that says [I]Opens with[/I], there should be a button called Change. Click on Change, then set WMP as the program to open the file. Make sure to put a check in the box that says[I] Always use the selected program to open this type of file.[/I].

Thanks Kerry I knew it had to be something simple!

You can also view it without having to mount it with VLC Media player.
It’s a free download.