Viewing history in Nero


Is it possible to view previous history in Nero, such as when a compilation was burned, and what the compilation consisted of? I have a feeling someone has been using my dvd writer (without my permission) and would like to find out what they were doing with it.

Thanks for any help guys

@ luke_jens
Welcome:). There is a file in “C>Program Files>ahead>nero>nerohistory.log” that may interest you. Also, you could select the option in nero to generate a burn log and save to a specific directory.

Hi Please,

Thanks very much for your help and for your kind introduction. Your answer was exactly what I needed. Just one quick thing, does the log file log all compilations made using Nero software, i.e. will it cover logs for Nero Burning Rom and Nero Express?

Thnaks very much again

@ luke_lens
I believe so…try it!

what about nero 7? i made a CD last week, named all the songs to put in my ute, then track 15 doesnt work, so i put it in the computer and all the names are 01TRACK01, 02TRACK02, 03TRACK03 etc. so i want to view histrory to find out what song that one is, can anyone help plz?

I am not familiar w/ Nero 7 but I would imagine the burn log may be in a similar place.
If you find the answer, please post your findings as it may help others in the future :slight_smile: