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I have downloaded 2 or 3 dvd rips from the internet and every player that I try to view them on shows the video delayed from the sound. I have the 3.11 alpha codec installed and have tried Windows media player 7.1 as well as media one and the DivX 5.1 player. Does anyone have any idea what is causing this and how to fix? I have 184 Ram and an Intel Celeron processor. I appreciate any help given


I kind of have that same question. I get dvd-rips that play with the video lacking the sound (not in sync with each other) about 1 out of 15 dvd-rips I download. I always fugured it was the dvd-rip thta was messed up, but if it’s actually the codec, do tell.


If you downloaded the rips from the same place then it is highly likely that the person that made the rip messed it up durin the encodeing process. there are a lot of dvd rips on the web coming from rookie encoder’s. I would try getting a rip from a different source and see if the same problem exsist.


The downloads are all from one place, Kazaa, however the people who have submitted them are different. Would this make any difference?


is there a group tag in the file name i.e. hbo, [uni], etc.?


Also it might just that the machine does not have enough horsepower to run the rips…Video can eat up a lot of memory when running, not to mention the cpu cycles… I have a box now with a 1 gig chip and 384 megs of ram and sometimes I get the out of sync effect…

I think it has to do with the encoding method that was used…


Before upgradeing last year I ran divx dvd rips on a P3 500 with 128Megs PC133 with no problems. Now the encodeing process does have a lot to do with it hence my asking if the file name had a group tag.


I’m not sure what you mean as a group tag. They are all avi files. Is there something else I should look for?


If the file was taged by a group it would have a name like [Uni] The_One-1 of 2.avi , or some thing close to it. [Uni] being short for Universal a Divx group that allows Divx downloads.


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