Viewing closed sessions

I have just added a new session to a cd-rw with one session already on. Now, in explorer, i cannot view the previous session, only the latest. Using Nero 6, i can view the different sessions in Disk-Info, but it states the previous session is closed.

Is there anyway to view the files on the previous session, and what is the best way to avoid this happening again?

Isobuster allows you to see multiple session cds. When i burn a data cd i use a cd-r and just don’t finalize the disc until it’s full.

You can also use Ultraiso as well.

:cool: :cool:

Or if you want to do it the hurtful way, Nero and Adaptec … err … I mean Roxio … both have Session Selector programs.

Actually Roxio sucks so bad that they probably no longer offer the session selector. Adaptec still had it as a free download last time I checked, though.

Essentially… stop using sessions. They’re 100% useless in all situations. CD’s cost NEGATIVE MONEY nowadays. You can actually MAKE money buying CD’s if you wait for the sales with rebates. There is no excuse not to just burn a whole CD.

Thanks guys. A lesson learnt me’s thinks. No sessions.

Just one more question then. If i want to keep adding files to a cd at different times, is it possible to do this without using sessions? I use Nero 6 and it seems to create sessions automatically.


There are two ways to do this. Both stink.

One is sessions.

The other is to use a packet-writing program like InCD or DirectCD.

Sessions, as we’ve discussed… are bad.

Packet writing is worse. It WILL render your machine unstable. :frowning:

So what’s the solution? CD’s are so cheap as to be free in many circumstances. Pony up the extra 5 cents for another disc. :wink:

Using right setting in Nero Burning ROM, you will be able to view your previous sessions until you erase the disc (pic.1+2).
No need to use any “packet writing” proggy… :slight_smile:
Also attaching link to a free version of CDreader with almost same functions as the commercial ISOBuster, here. Play around and you’ll learn how to use it (pic.4).

gURM, I use CD-RW multisession every day for backups of data… :stuck_out_tongue:

The important trick is to enable “Add new files to compilation”. :wink:

Key word being “RW”.

And the key word “CD-RW” was posted in topic post #1. :wink:

Right :iagree:.
Option “Add new files to compilation” is ticked by default when you continue a multisession disc.
But even more important is to choose “Start Multisession disc” in first place, ehm… for first session.

Yup, and don’t switch the burning apps when using Multisession discs, hehe. :wink:

I’ve never had trouble with multisessions discs.

However, I only use one when I have something specific to backup …

Aka; At work, nice & simple to use a multisession for a particular folder that has new files added daily, aka a library. When the disc is full, Burn a DAO disk for archiving & throw away the multisession.

But then again, this is just for redundancy, we already have off-site backup. The DVD is just faster than restoring across the internet :stuck_out_tongue: