Viewing and oversized ISO DVD




I have a serious problem, I burned a file to a DVD as an ISO, the file was 4.2gigs and I didn’t know that the ISO file system can only handle files up to 2gigs. Now the ISO on the DVD is oversized and the file is appearing a quarter of the size that it should be.

I need to find a program that can see through oversized ISO’s on DVD’s and see the full file size and extract it. This program would have to have the ability not to rely on the Windows viewing to see the file system.

Its most likely I will not find a Windows program to do this, so even a bootable Linux version would work fine.

Any ideas?


Just mount the .iso on a virtual drive, e.g. Daemon Tools, and proceed from there. :slight_smile:


Its not an ISO any more, I used Nero to burn it, it was burnt under the ISO file system when it should have been a UDF. So now it just appears as a normal DVD with files, except the files are much smaller than they should be. Daemon tools loads an actuall ISO images, not a DVD that has already been burned under the ISO file system.


After reading a bit more, I realize that people may mistake what ISO I am talking about. I do not have an ISO image, what I mean is that I burned my file to a DVD using Nero on the ISO 9660 file system. This file system is associated with burning to CD’s and has a file size restriciton of about 2gigs. Some how I managed to burn a 4gig file to the ISO 9660 file system and now Windows can not see it for its true size because it is an oversized ISO 9660 file system. So I need to find a Windows program or a Linux program that can see files on a oversized ISO 9660 CD/DVD.


Hey all again,

I want to try and emphasis how much of a computing crisis I am in and I am desperate for a solution to my problem. Basically I have created 4 DVD’s that contain a Norton Ghost Disk image spanned across the 4 DVD’s. This image contains the backup of my life’s work and it is the only copy I have. I run a charity and all the work I have done for this charity is on this backup, hence my urgency.

What happened is this. I was exchanging my old notebook for a new one, before I did this I used Norton Ghost to create an image of that Hard Drive on my old notebook, so that I could restore it to my new one. The image was 15GB’s in size and I set Ghost to split it over 4 DVD sizes. I then used Nero 6 Burning Rom to burn each image part to a DVD. Each image size was just over 4GB’s, it took 30 minutes to burn it to a DVD at 2x and there was no errors reported so I assumed they all burned fine. As soon as the burns were done I formatted my hard drive and returned it to the store to collect my new notebook. When I loaded the DVD’s in the new notebook I noticed that instead of the files being just over 4GB’s in size they were appearing as 305MB’s. Needless to say something was wrong there and Norton Ghost could not use the image parts because they were the wrong size.

I took my problem to a friend who is well knowledge in all things computers. He explained that the files were on an ISO 9660 file structure and I should have burned them to a UDF file structure because the ISO 9660 file structure has an upper file size limit of about 2GB’s. Windows could not read the file structure properly and see’s the files as only 305MB’s. Basically its and oversized ISO 9660 file structure and Windows or most Windows based programs cannot read it properly.

So now I am trying to find a program that can see oversized ISO 9660 file structures and allow me to extract the files. It is most likely that I will not find a Windows based program to do this as most of them use the Windows browser to look at the file structure of the disk. So I am looking more for a Linux distribution or a Linux program that can see through all file structures, including oversized ISO 9660’s.

If any body can suggest a program or a solution to this that they know will work, I will be eternally grateful. So far ISO Buster, Daemon Tools and using Nero itself have been suggested, but these do not work. ISO Buster and Daemon tools and see into or mount ISO Images, I am not dealing with and ISO Image. I am dealing with files burnt onto the ISO 9660 file structure. Nero itself does not work as it uses Windows to browse the disk.

So please keep thinking and help me find a solution.

Yours gratefully
Stephen Judge