Viewing a iso in windows media



I have ripped and created iso files stored on a external usb drive.

I had connected the drive to a Asus oplay media player and the iso files played with great quality on a 52" lcd.

I swapped the media player for a fully loaded windows 7 slimline desk top with a hdmi port.

Windows media player wont play the iso files so I got virtual dvd from slysoft, and I can mount the iso file as a dvd, use windows medai player but quality is bad.

When we play netflix via the windows 7 machine, quality is pretty good, especially with HD videos from netflix.

What would make the quality degrade when playing the iso file by virtually mounting it as a dvd?

Also I have another windows 7 machine and the windows media player on that machine can play the iso files.

Why can one windows 7 machine play the iso files but the other cannot?


Are these ISO files made from commercial dvds? An ISO file can hold many different types of video, including dvds and blu ray.

If these are made from dvds, you can play them directly, without having to mount them, by using VLC media player. It is free to download and use.

The video should not degrade by mounting in VirtualClone Drive. In fact, I have seen no such degradation in any machine I have used it for the past 4 or 5 years. Currently I use VirtualClone Drive to mount blu ray ISO’s and play them in Arcsoft Total Media Theater 3, but I do not use Windows Media Player for anything.


Some are ripped from commercial dvds some I produced.

Maybe its Windows Media player that makes them look bad.
Does VLC player look good on a big screen?


Can’t give you a definitive answer on that one mrtapp, since I’ve never used it for that purpose. VLC is free though, so it won’t cost you anything to try it. It will also play the mounted ISO’s if you want to try it that way, but playing them directly saves a step.

There are other good media players that are free and should be able to play dvds mounted in a virtual drive. Media Player Classic Home Cinema, Gom Player, the original Media Player Classic, KM Player, etc.


By the way, if you like the playback with VLC but don’t like the interface, take a look at a free player called Kantaris, which is based on VLC code, but looks a lot more like Windows Media Player.