Viewing 2MB buffer activity?



Is there a way to view the current use of the drive buffer cache during a burning process ?

With DVDDecrypter in ISO mode I have sometimes problems of buffer dance due to strange Hard Drive activity I’m investigating (even with no fragmentation… I start to think it’s due to my poor old Norton AV 2002, I drop it a few days ago for AVG Free Ed…).

With CopyToDVD 3.0.45 I cannot check if the buffer stay ok (around 92% is the normal behaviour with my NEC2510@4X) :confused:


no easy way to see the buffer level, but the important question is : do you have failed burns ?


(No failed burns with CopyToDVD.)

No plan to implement that, ever ? Nevermind…


Use Nero 6.x.


Nero 6 = no layer break optimisation (it seems they didn’t even know what’s a layer break when burning a DVD+R DL!)

Nero 6 = no long volume name support.
Just burn a “MASTER_AND_COMM” for “MASTER AND COMMANDER”. With VSO, Copy2DVD no problems… It’s automatic, the default label is the VIDEO_TS parent directory.

Conclusion :
Nero 6 = only for Single Layer DVD or CD with short volume names…