View one PC's activities fom another?

I’m wondering if there’s anyway I can supervise my son’s activities on his PC on our home network, much as the librarians could when I was at college?

I’m not a Big-Brother fanatic, but the amount of freedom his latest Christmas prezzie has given him worries the Mrs and me, after he got chatting to a stranger on Messenger the other day and gave out his name and where he lives to someone ‘who lived in Spain’ despite our instructions to the contrary which he ‘forgot’.

I’d rather him feel free to use the 'net and keep an eye on him than restrict his access and therefore freedom of all the harmless good stuff out there.

Thanks from a couple of concerned parents! :confused:

I had to do the same because of an incident concerning my daughter. The FBI was actually monitoring the person. I didn’t like doing that but I am glad I did. Anyhow I used this:
Hope everything works out ok.

Excellent - thanks for that, though I thought it’s something that Windows would have built in, shame I’ll have to pay, I’m so skint at the moment.:frowning:

IMO - Never give a child Admin access to a PC. My son (who incidently is 2) is already a nerd. In preparation for his later years I’ve locked his PC down so tight about all he can do is run the apps I allow and log on and off.

Unfortunately 75% of the Internet is ‘Bad Stuff’ - and saying You’d rather ‘watch him’ then ‘restrict him’ is like saying: ‘I’ll let him play on the freeway with the hopes I might pull him out of the way of a speeding car just before it hits him’. 3rd Party apps can ‘help’ but they wont ‘stop’. Public Forums are safe - IM is not. Sorry I’m not telling you how to raise your kid or anything - just my 2 cents.

i remember you coming on here and saying this, how did you get on with that, did you get the guy?

i noticed this thread yesterday, and since its taken a bit of a turn, I have a little something to add.

I don’t know how old your son is and maybe it’s because I’m still young enough to remember how parents can be, but you should absolutely let him know that you’re monitoring him.

I don’t know if you planned to be secretive about it or if you were going to tell him, but I think that fact that he “forgot” and gave out information in the first place is reason enough to be worried and implement something like you’re doing.

just let him know you’re looking out for him as opposed to monitoring him behind his back then “trapping” him if he does something wrong.

I hope you’re not offended by this post. you’re obviously a very good parent for looking for a program that will keep your children safe. I debated whether or not I should post this, but yeah…

I’m 21 years old, and I still know what it’s like to have parents that snoop around…hence why when I’m home from college, EVERYTHING on my computer is locked down with passwords. Just avoid making your kid feel like he’s being spied on…that feeling sucks.

Sound advice reasonsnotrules…

Actually I appreciate that and I think we live in too much of a ‘politically correct’ society that deems one wrong to advise or tell someone else what is wrong with their parenting. Just because you biologically create a child, it does not mean that you know what is best for them, although I think that your freeway analogy is a little biased, as intention is relavent.

I don’t care about him looking at porn; it’s natural and it’s his age (13) where he should be curious about it. TBH I’d rather him jackng off in his room to catching a dose of something off somone or getting them pregnant out of rebellion due to an over-conservative attitude from his parents, but anyway…

My problem is chat rooms; I know hat you can limit access on PCs and if there is a way I could lock JUST chat rooms (and maybe some horrific sites like, I’d be happy. Anyone know a way of doing this?

Thanks, yeah… that was my plan.:smiley: