View my crappy Benq 1640 DL burns

I am getting sick of waisting expensive DL media. :a I’ve got some Verbatim 8X DVD+R DL (MKM 003) media and I was hoping for some decent scans, but I’m getting absolutely horrible scans. View the screenshots that I have attached. These are from the same .img file that I created in Encore DVD awhile back from a project that I did. I burned them using Imgburn.

Settings on my Benq DW1640:
Solid Burn: ON, ON (I think we talked about this awhile back- I don’t think this setting matters because Solid Burn only works for SL media)
Overspeed: OFF

ImgBurn was set to burn at 8X
Booktype set to DVD-ROM

Any tips you may have would be much appreciated! :sad:

Stop worring about scans, if it plays in your standalone fine it’s fine by me!
Dont let this scan crap get to you , this place can make you go crazy wasting expensive dvd’s just to see if they scan good or not.
Just stop worrying and enjoy!
I always set Overspeed ON
Solid burn activated for both.
I love my 1640!!
It’s been having tray opening problem for a few months, damn kids spilled soda and it got on the front bezel, took it apart few times still sticking, this time i really cleaned it out!!, seems fine now.
I think ive prob burned well over 500 dvd’s without a coaster!!!
Use Dvd Decryptor for burning DL img files!!!
Also try going back to firmware BSLB

are you sure benqs are supposed to read at 8x? do another scan at 5x. then again could be a bad batch.

Standard scanning speed for benq burners is 8x, but I admit that I don’t know if there is a different standard for DL discs

Thanks for the tips Budman62

Yeah, I gave up scanning DVD’s for a little while, but it keeps haunting me… why am I getting such lousy DL scans. I’ve seen a lot of other posts of DL scans at 95-97%. Hell, I’d be happy with anything above 80%.

I don’t have DVD Depcryptor. I lost that awhile back. However, I can’t imagine it would BURN better than Imgburn since Imgburn is an ugraded burning engine from DVD Decrypter (and the same author… Lightning UK)

Maybe I’ll give BSLB a try. Don’t have time to try it tonight. Can anyone else vouch for BSLB being a better firmware for DL media than BSOB?? Any other suggestions? I’ll check back tomorrow and try then.

Why not try burning at 4x? My 1620 does very well with Verbatim DL at that speed. Yes, I realize you have 8x media, but it may not be the optimum speed for your burner.

I use ImgBurn also, so I don’t think it is the burning program.

Because DL media is so expensive, I have started doing 2 scans

The first scan I do at 8x to check the media, if this passes with a very good scan then I stop here, if its poor then I move on to a 2x scan and check again.

This is purely because I really dont want to bin a DL disc and if it passes at 2x then the disc should play fine in a DVD player.

Dont feel bad, look at this poor scan!!!
Do i care…no, does it play flawlessly…Yes!!

WOW, I think you DL media is off on a 1970’s trip. Love the colours.

Don’t know if this is crappy or not, but it’s the way my 1640 with BSLB firmware burns MKM-001 at 4x.
No problem in playback though.


I’ve had scans like that too. For me, it came down to burning the discs at too high a speed. Now I always QScan a Verbatim DL and then burn at the speed that QScan says the disc can be burned.

I had one ten-pack that burned at 8x no problem QS 94-96 everytime. Then another pack that wouldn’t burn well above 2.4x (same QS). At 8x they had through-the-roof PIFs at the layerbreak. I’m working on a ten-pack now that generally burns well at 4x.

QScan isn’t perfect, but I’ve had no coasters, no red PIF spikes or QS below 92 since using it.

@pinto2- I’d be thrilled with that scan.

@Trak101- Nice tip. I’ll giveQScan a try!

@qwakrs- You must be talking about QScan as well… thanks

@Kerry56- I’ll be slowing down my burns and maybe switching to BSLB… thanks

@Budman- I’ll try some of these tips and then give up on scanning my DL media if no improvement. Thanks