View/Add hidden files/folders in Nero

All right guys.
I have a strange problem.

I’m recently updated my Nero v7.5.9.0 to v7.10.1.0 which is the latest. The latest version removed my old Nero, restarted the system & then installed.
I use Nero Burning ROM for burning/writing.

The problem is, ever since I installed this version over my previous version, I cannot see hidden files & folders in file browser.

The option to enable viewing of hidden files & folders is no more there in Options/Preferences of Nero.
So, if I have to add/view a file/folder which is hidden, I have to change it’s attributes from it’s properties.
And it’s very irritating.
I mean, every time u want to add a hidden file/folder, first remove the attribute, then add it & then change it’s attribute again.
It’s quite frustrating.
And I can’t see them in Nero Express either.

I can see hidden file/folders when I revert back to v7.5.9.0.

I want to know, is this a problem with the software or with my computer? If it’s with my computer, how can I fix it & see/add hidden files & folders.

And plz don’t tell me to simply revert back to older version. I’m here to know solution(s) to my current problem, not for fun.

Open any folder>Tools>Folder options> view> tick “show hidden files and folders” >Apply to all folders > ok…
Have you tried that?

Yes, I tried that. Even after that it doesn’t show hidden files/folders in Nero’s file browser.

Is this in Vista or XP?

Good ? beef barley,I forgot to ask that…Are we having fun yet OP?.. :slight_smile:

Windows XP Pro SP2.

No, we’re not. Well, not me. I don’t know abt u or others. :Z And this is what I meant abt having fun. :a

Come on guys, I need some answers, suggestions here. Plz.

I don’t have the answer. I don’t even have Nero version 7.

Did you know that you don’t need to use Nero’s file browser? You can drag and drop from Windows Explorer, or other file browsers.

I sometimes use ExplorerXP because it shows the size of folders. It has an option to show hidden files.

Most of the time I don’t want to see the hidden ones, expecially when I’m burning an archive. It tees me off when I discover I’ve archived “System Volume Information”. :frowning:

Yesterday I was cleaning up some archived files from long dead computers I’ve owned in the past. I discovered I had archived pagefile.sys that was dated sometime around 1999. Now there’s a file I’m glad I preserved :smiley:

goyal2000 wrote"No, we’re not. Well, not me. I don’t know abt u or others. And this is what I meant abt having fun."

Just trying to help and having fun at it… :rolleyes:

Well by wasting time, u’r not helping either.

goyal2000 wrote"Well by wasting time, u’r not helping either. :sad: :sad:
…we’re all just trying to help here , read my 1st and 2nd post,and yes sometimes we/I have fun doing it… :bigsmile:
Lets get back to your prob already!..