Iv’e just burnt Vietgong to cd which may not sound like much but it was my first go at “burning”.

I used Alcohol120% V1.4.3 and CloxyXXL V2.0.1.5.

The game runs ok on my system with the original but slightly slower and jerky with the back-up.

Is this normal or could it be something else? I was using cheap PC World CDR-Ws (after all I’m still not sure what I’m doing and don’t want to ruin good ones).

I’m running a P4, 2.8Ghz, 512MB DDR, 120meg HD, 128 GeForce4 MX440, XP, Lite On 40125S and a DVD-ROM LTD 16X5H.

Any help would be appreciated.


CD-RW disc’s do not have as high a read transfer rate as a CD-R.
If you are playing the game from the CD (which it sounds like you are), try burning to a CDR or do a full install

Cheers Daemonicus.

Ok, so CDRs are better than CDRWs but you can use them only once right?

By full install do you mean dump it straight on to the HD to a real/virtual drive?

CD-R’s are write once (unless multisession)

I haven’t player this particular game yet, but usually a game gives you the option during install to do a typical install or a full install (or something like that). Usually a typical install will not install all the files from the cd to the HD, so the game has to access the cd for data, which is slow. By doing a full install, all the data is copied to the HD and is accessed much faster.

You can also do a typical install and run from the virtual drive, since you are actually accessing data from the HD and not the CD, it will be the same (speedwise) as a full install, just takes up more disk space by having the image on the HD as well as files installed into the game DIR